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The TUC’s Megaphone online campaign platform

The TUC have recently launched a new online campaigning resource for unions. Called Megaphone, this new platform can be accessed at  It replaces a previous offering, called Going to Work.

Megaphone allows unions to setup and deploy their own online petitions and email actions. It’s run, maintained and supported by the TUC and free to use for affiliated unions. New petitions and actions can be set up easily. Click on the prominent ‘Start a Campaign’ option to be taken through a step by step process. Once the campaign has been set-up, the TUC’s digital team will check it over and the petition will go live.

There are other tools for running online petitions, but Megaphone is built by unions for unions, so the aim is to help campaigns get support from across the wider movement. It also means that supporters data is safe – the TUC will never sell user information to other organisations, something that’s been known to happened on other petition websites.

While the software is new in the UK, it originates from Australia, where it is the established petitioning platform for unions. It’s already been used by over 50 unions and 300,000 people in Australia. This means the software is robust and refined, and by using the same system, there will be a greater pool of data when learning about what works and what can be improved.

It’s already being used for a number of petitions. The TUC’s own ‘Ban zero-hours contracts’ campaign has attracted over 15,000 signatures. Unite is running a petition, targeted at Honda’s president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo, to get car production to stay in Swindon. At the time of writing, the petition has gained almost 14,000 signatures in about a week.

Other campaigns include BAPLA’s ‘Improve maternity pay for female pilots’, a Unite campaign for workers at TGI Friday to get double time for shifts over Christmas and a BECTU petition to restore overtime payments. A full list can be seen on the site.

If you’re involved with a union campaign and think a petition would help, visit Megaphone at

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