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North Country Baby: Looking for the Perfect Pram in Oldham

There comes a time in every young, young human’s life when their legs aren’t what they will be and they can make the most of being pushed around: the glorious pomp of the pram years. But getting transported about like a tiny royal is the easy part. The tricky part for the parents is working out what to buy for them.

There seem to be a thousand different vectors to consider.

How nimble will it be around corners on car-choked city pavements?

How sturdy and spacious will it need to be to carry the shopping?

Should you plumb for the travel system that incorporates a car seat for easy transferral from motor to buggy while they are still tiny and an uninterrupted nap is a gift from the gods?

Will it turn heads as it sashays along on the school run? Will it collapse compactly enough to fit in the boot? And, of course, how much should we expect to pay?

However, there are three weapons that a parent can take with them into the arena of baby purchasing: choice, expertise and actually laying their hands on the goods to give them a good examination. Online, there is a bountiful choice of products available, and there is a bewildering amount of (often contradictory) reviews and information about which buggy or cot can do the job.

On the other hand, a trip to the high street or a retail park can offer a sense of security as you can get a good look at your potential purchase without having to trust the word of some anonymous internet source. The decision can be an expensive one, so some kind of combination of the two could be very helpful. In fact, there’s a pram showroom in Oldham, just off Junction 21 of the M60, that might provide the answer. Online4Baby has been selling nursery products since 1987 and online since 2006.

Their recently-opened showroom is packed with a healthy selection of the leading brands like Cosatto, Red Kite, Clair de Lune and Baby Jogger to browse. There are exclusive in-store promotions and a nursery advisory service to add an extra pinch of expertise to help with the purchase.

If you’re in Oldham or the Greater Manchester area, and with Black Friday looming on the shopping calendar, it could be worth a trip. But if you’re hunting the perfect pram from a less Lancastrian corner of the world, there is always their website. Happy pram-hunting!

Gill Daisy

I'm Gill Daisy, a retail expert who likes nothing than a bargain or the experience of a great day out shopping. I also love books - I'm not that shallow you know!