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Five Apprentice big data sources

Looking for 'Big Data' on apprenticeships? We look at five of the best data sources for apprentice information.

For the last few years the UK government has been encouraging greater access to data by opening up ‘Big Data’ sources to the public. Tim Berners-Lee, the British inventor of the World Wide Web, worked with Gordon Brown’s government to kick start this process in 2009.

There are now ‘Big Data’ sources available for apprenticeship data in the UK. Many organisations have been slow to exploit these sources of data, but they can be valuable resources, helping to identify trends such as regional variations, the number of vacancies, apprenticeship completion rates and other performance indicators.

Below are five of the top ‘Big Data’ sources for apprenticeship data in the UK.

Further Education Data Library: Apprenticeships

The apprenticeships area of the Further Education data library provides an overview on the number of apprenticeship starts and achievements.  This can be broken down by sector, framework, geography, gender and age. Downloads are  available as Excel spreadsheets.

This resource can be accessed at

Further Education Data Library: Apprenticeships Vacancies

Published by the Skills Finding Agency, the apprenticeship vacancies dataset includes reports on the historic number of vacancies for apprenticeships and traineeships. This source is updated annually as the data is collected.

Access this information at

LMI for All

Still developing, and already being used by Prospect to power their website, the ‘LMI for All’ data portal provides an API (a tool for building code to interact directly with data) for all manner of labour market information.  They are currently developing a new Apprenticeships tool that provides data on national programmes, occupations, and vacancies.

This can be accessed at

The National Achievement Rate Tables (NARTs)

The National Achievement Rate Tables (NARTs) provide a summary of performance in apprenticeships as well as other training and education. This can be used as a benchmarking tool for organisations. The data is available in spreadsheets and is updated every year.

Access this at

Skills Funding Agency

While limited to England only, the Skills Funding Agency publishes a data feed of open apprenticeship vacancies by region. This can be used to identify the amount and types of new apprenticeships available.

These data feeds can be accessed at:

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